Shipping to New Zealand from Australia


What are the best methods for shipping to New Zealand from Australia? We specialise in moving your goods efficiently and taking every care over your valuable possessions. Before making your choice of international removalist, you should understand:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of container shipping vs. air freight
  • The best types of container shipping
  • How to calculate the cost of shipping to New Zealand from Australia

When you move with us, we’ll be up-front and transparent on New Zealand Customs and Quarantine (MPI) requirements as well as the best shipping ports for transporting your goods. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and offer a verdict that helps you make the right choice with your move.

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Container Shipping to New Zealand

Container shipping uses container ships to transport your goods across the Tasman Sea. It’s by far the cheapest method of transport when shipping personal effects to New Zealand from Australia, but there are several options available if you’re considering using this method.

The “best option” depends on your needs. The choice is mainly determined by the volume of goods you’re looking to transport. Each method has its advantages which are covered below.

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Full Container Load Shipping (FCL)

FCL shipping means that your cargo is given its own sole use container. This will not be shared with goods being transported by any other party. The shipment is loaded at the shipper’s warehouse and transported directly to the receiver’s warehouse.

Benefits of FCL shipping include:

  • Less risk of damage to your cargo. Having sole occupancy of a container means that your cargo is guaranteed to be separate from other shippers’ household goods. As more floor space in the container is available for your cargo, stacking is less necessary, meaning less risk of things falling. It’s a great way to ensure your cargo is well-protected during transit.
  • More streamlined process. FCL shipping to New Zealand from Australia cuts the number of parties involved in the transition. Your container is loaded at your warehouse and transported directly to the recipient’s warehouse. It won’t make any other stops along the way other than being loaded onto and off the container vessel. This can speed up the process considerably.
  • Plenty of space. If you’re moving a large volume of goods, you’ll want to guarantee that there’s plentiful space for everything. Having your own container ensures this and minimises the need for items to be stacked on top of each other. FCL shipping is often preferred for larger moves for this reason.
  • Less handling time. If your container is shared with other parties, the contents may need to be re-arranged as the new goods arrive. Every time items are moved means risking damage, even when the utmost care is taken. FCL shipping cuts down on handling time and offers additional protection for this reason.
  • Low risk of mistakes or mix-ups. Sharing a container means that there is a low risk that your belongings could mix with someone else’s. The security of knowing that there’s no chance of this happening makes FCL shipping to New Zealand from Australia a preferred option for many people.

This is perhaps the most popular option for moving a large volume of goods. Its main drawback for smaller moves is that it can be unnecessarily expensive compared to other methods — you don’t necessarily need a whole container to transport a few items.

Even for some larger moves, a whole container is sometimes more space than you need. Get in touch with us today for more information on how much space your goods will require and to find out if an FCL is the best option for your move.

Groupage (Shared Container Shipping)

Groupage is where your goods share a container with goods from other parties. While this may seem less desirable to FCL, groupage is extremely affordable and is an ideal transportation method for certain moves and for shipping furniture from Australia to NZ. f

Advantages of groupage include:

  • Ideal for smaller moves. If you’re transporting a small volume of goods, you likely won’t need a full container. However, if you hire a full container, you pay the full price for the maximum volume of that container — regardless of how full it is. Groupage means that you only pay for the space you occupy.
  • Space is shared only with items transported by the freight forwarder. Any additional cargo that fills the container consists of items shipped by your freight forwarder. This means that the entire load of the container is organised by one party — that party has control over making sure that your goods only share space with suitable companion goods.
  • Packing is often more efficient. As one party controls loading the container, it’s easier for the packers to manage the internal space of the container efficiently. This reduces handling time and means that your goods are at a lower risk of damage.
  • Affordable. Groupage is an affordable option compared to FCL, often even if you’re moving a large load. If the volume of the goods you’re shipping would fill ¾ of a container, you may still save around 25% compared to paying for an entire shipping container.

Groupage and LCL shipping are often confused, but the key difference is that a single freight forwarder manages groupage. Find out more about how groupage could be the best option for you by contacting us today.

LCL (Less-than-Container Load Shipping)

LCL shipping involves your goods being transported alongside an assortment of other goods provided by parties known as consolidators or co-loaders. This means that a single freight forwarder doesn’t control the contents of the container, and any goods could end up in transit with your possessions.

This method is sometimes preferred because it is an easy and affordable way to transport a low volume of goods. Shipping times are usually much longer than FCL and groupage. Extend shipping times can be advantageous if the recipient isn’t immediately available to pick up goods from their warehouse.

For example, if you were shipping your goods to a new home in New Zealand, but only moved one month after arranging shipment, you would have to pay for warehouse storage if you used FCL transportation. The slower speed can save you money in these cases. However, the limited space available in LCL situations means that you’d need to be sending a relatively small volume of goods.

This method is very affordable, which makes it an excellent choice for smaller moves.

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Air Freight Services

Airfreight is a rapid and efficient way to transport your goods. In this scenario, your goods are transported by airplane. Some people see this as a safer option for shipping to New Zealand from Australia, but both methods have a 99.99% safety rate. The risk of damage to your goods is very low.

While air freight is very speedy and can be considered a good choice for smaller shipments, it is often more expensive than sea transport. It’s usually a better option for smaller loads, as the capacity of aeroplanes is far less than that of containers.

If you’re interested in air freight services, contact us today to learn more.

How Much Will It Cost?

There are several factors to consider when working out how much your move will cost. These include:

  • How much do I need to transport? The first and most obvious factor is the volume of goods you need to transport. The cost is measured by the amount of cargo space you request rather than the actual volume of your belongings. This makes methods like groupage more cost-effective for some customers.
  • What’s my timeframe for moving? Air freight is a reliable and swift option if you need to move quickly, though it is more expensive. If you’re working on a more leisurely timescale, slower methods may save you money.
  • Where am I travelling to? The cost of shipping to New Zealand from Australia will depend on which port you’re aiming at. Depending on where you wish to move, it’s worth researching the cheapest nearby port (see below).
  • What type of goods am I transporting? If a high proportion of the goods you’re transporting are delicate, you may wish to use a more expensive option like FCL shipping or air freight.

The best way to find out your most economical solution is to get in touch with us to discuss your shipping needs and find out more about what options we can offer you.

How to Get a Free Quote for Shipping from Australia to New Zealand?

We offer free quotes and full consultations if you’re looking for the best options for shipping to New Zealand from Australia. We pride ourselves on our helpful and friendly service, transparent process, and a full breakdown of costs.

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New Zealand Quarantine (MPI)

Shipping to New Zealand from Australia means that your belongings are subject to checks from the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). This government organisation exists to protect New Zealand’s unique and incredible biodiversity — any container from another country risks bringing invasive species that could threaten the delicate flora and fauna of New Zealand.

We take every care to ensure that our shipments are fully compliant with these standards. However, the MPI inspection is a mandatory part of shipping to New Zealand from Australia, and you should take into account the extra costs this may add to your removal.

Get in touch today to learn more about how the MPI quarantine process works and how this may effect your household goods shipment.

New Zealand Customs

Whatever you’re moving, wherever you’re going, we’re here to provide a top-quality and timely service that ensures that all your belongings get to your new home in perfect condition.

Most goods can be imported into New Zealand free of charge, as long as they are for personal use and not for sale, gifting, or exchange. This means that items sent as gifts to individuals already residing in New Zealand may incur charges at customs — get in touch to learn more about how this work.

You must also prove that you have the right to reside in New Zealand if you’re transporting items for personal use. You’ll need to prove this via proper documentation. If you’d like to learn more about what paperwork is necessary, and when it’s required, give us a call today.

There are some exceptions to the free-of-charge premise, including:

  • Tobacco products
  • Medications
  • Objectionable articles
  • Firearms
  • Drug paraphernalia (hookahs, ornamental pipes, etc.)
  • Items constructed from deceased wildlife (such as decorative antlers)

If you’re planning to transport any of these items, you may need to visit the New Zealand Customs Service and apply for special permission. We’re well-versed in these special requirements and will help you complete your application to bring your treasured possessions with you, so get in touch to discuss any concerns you may have.

Main Shipping Ports in New Zealand

Choosing your port when shipping to New Zealand from Australia is a vital step. We’ll help you understand which ports would be most cost-effective for your move and why, so get in touch to discuss your best choices. The main ports are:

  • Auckland
  • Tauranga
  • Napier
  • Wellington
  • Nelson
  • Lyttelton
  • Port Chalmers

The cost and speed of transit from the port to your final destination factor in how much your move will cost and how quickly it can occur. While many popular New Zealand destinations are coastal and have their own ports, some are inland or harder to reach directly. Contact us to learn more about which port would be best for your destination.

Popular Shipping Destinations in New Zealand

Below are some of the most popular destinations for shipping to New Zealand from Australia. We can provide full transportation to any of these locations, so contact us to learn more.


Auckland is New Zealand’s busiest port. It’s a popular moving destination, and because it has excellent cargo routes, it’s easy and affordable to ship to. It’s also committed to producing zero carbon emissions by 2040.


This is the largest port in New Zealand. As well as being a popular destination due to its beautiful surroundings, it’s an affordable destination due to the massive volume of cargo it handles.


This port has seen significant expansion in recent years and is a relatively cheap destination for cargo for this reason. It’s also the preferred choice for many people moving to the southeast part of New Zealand’s North Island.

New Plymouth

New Plymouth is an accessible port on the west side of North Island, making it a desirable choice for those looking to move further south than Auckland or Tauranga. It has excellent connections to the inner parts of the island.


Located at the southern tip of North Island, New Zealand’s capital city has a bustling port that is simple and affordable to ship to. It’s a popular destination for movers due to its vibrant economy, but the port also has valuable connections to locations in the southern half of North Island.


Nelson is a busy port on the northern tip of South Island. This makes it an accessible location for anyone moving to the surrounding region, as it has useful road connections for onward transportation to more rural areas.


Located on the western side of South Island, Christchurch is a popular destination for movers and offers access to much of the island.


Queenstown resides in one of the most famously beautiful areas of New Zealand, but can’t be reached from the sea. If you’re wondering how shipping to New Zealand from Australia works if you’re moving to Queenstown, contact us today for options.


What size shipping container do I need to move to New Zealand?

The size of your container depends on how much you have to transport. Contact us to discuss your shipping container requirements.

How much does shipping to New Zealand from Australia cost?

The cost depends on how quickly you’d like your cargo to be moved, as well as the method you choose. Airfreight tends to be quicker but more expensive — get in touch to learn more about the best solutions for your needs.

How long does shipping to New Zealand from Australia take?

You should always remember that all goods imported into New Zealand have to go through quarantine. However, options are available for very fast or slower transit, depending on your needs. Contact us to learn more.

What are the best shipping ports in New Zealand?

This depends on where you’re moving. Give us a call to find out which port would best suit your destination.

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